Music Remote Controller

After you connect the watch with your Amazfit app, you can remote control the music playing on the phone through your watch.

Once any media has been started on your phone, like a song, or YouTube video, you can swipe up on the home screen of the watch (the same way you'd access previous notifications) to access the new music controls - pause, play, skip forward, skip backward and volume control. 

To better use the watch to control the music playback of the mobile phone, please make sure that:  

1) The watch and the mobile phone are always connected, and the Amazfit app keeps running in the background. To avoid one-click memory cleaning and process cleaning or interception by some management software in the Android system, open the Amazfit app and make settings on the "Profile"->"Amazfit Verge Lite"->"Run in background" page as required. 

2) Open the mobile phone music player in advance, the watch will automatically obtain the information about and status of the song that is currently being played. 

3) Tap the music portal of the watch to enter the music control interface, there you can pause or play the song, or switch to the previous or the next song.