How to start an activity

1. If the press & hold the button function is set to start the workout, you can press and hold the home button to quickly start one workout type on any page.  

2. Sliding up on the watch face page and choosing "Workout" can enable you to enter the workout list page and choose the workout you want to start. 

After entering the preparation page for an outdoor activity such as running, the watch will automatically search for the GPS signal. Once the signal is obtained, tap GO to start running. After entering an indoor activity such as an elliptical trainer, tap GO to start the activity.

If you choose to start Outdoor running, Walking, and Outdoor cycling, you'd better go to the open area before workouts, which is conducive to rapid GPS positioning.  If it takes a long time to process positioning, it may be because the buildings nearby block satellite signals, or because the watch is disconnected to the app for a long time, causing the AGPS to be not upgraded. You can open the Amazfit App, connect it to the watch, and try again after the AGPS is updated.

It is recommended to ensure GPS positioning is processed successfully before the outdoor workout. If you start the workout during positioning, the workout track cannot be recorded and the recorded workout data will not be accurate.  After GPS positioning is processed successfully, the "GO" icon will be lit up and you can tap it to start the workout.