Use of Bluetooth Phone

The Bluetooth connection between the watch and the phone must be maintained when making a call so that the phone can send and receive calls normally.

Dialing a Bluetooth phone: Tap the Phone app on the watch, select the contact you want to make a call, or swipe to the phone-number entry interface and enter the desired number.

Answering a Bluetooth phone: When the phone receives a call, there will be a corresponding call alert on the watch. If the phone is answered by clicking on the watch, the speaker and microphone that come with your watch will be used to answer the current call.

Bluetooth phone settings: Slide to the last page of the Phone app to set the call vibration, ringtone and other functions.

If the watch shows “No contacts”, please attempt the following instructions:

1. Go to Settings => Applications => Application manager => Amazfit APP=> Permissions =>Tap the toggle next to each permission to turn it on 

2. Go to Settings => Privacy and safety => Add permissions => Contacts => Amazfit APP is turned ON 

3. Please add in every contact number the country prefix 

4. Please also check if there is "-" or other hyphens in the contacts and phone number. please delete the "_" and delete the country code to have a check. 

5. If you install other management software on your phone, please make sure you allow Amazfit app to read your contacts. 

6. Please go to mobile phone Settings--Bluetooth /Paired devices/Amazfit Verge--click the gear icon on the right--toggle on Call audio and Contact sharing).

For iOS device, please refer to the video from the link on how to enable the Bluetooth phone function on the watch: