Bluetooth Headset

1)Press and hold the Bluetooth headset power key for approximately 5 seconds till the Bluetooth light flashes red and blue.

2)From the watch face, swipe down and tap Settings➡Connection➡Bluetooth to start searching for your Bluetooth headset

3)Once the device appears on the watch screen, tap on the selection.

4)Confirm and initiate pairing by selecting the check-mark.

If pairing is unsuccessful, we suggest turning your Bluetooth headset off and on and try connecting again.  

If the issue still persists, please submit a feedback from your watch(watch➡Settings➡Feedback), submit a feedback (App➡Profile➡Feedback) from your Amazfit App, and send your Amazfit ID (App➡Profile➡Feedback➡User ID) here. Also please send us a screenshot and let us know the device name of the headset in the Bluetooth list of your mobile phone.