Music transfer

To transfer and play music on your Amazfit Verge, you will need to connect the watch to your computer via the provided USB cable and charging base and copy the music files into the watches' media storage folder called "Music". The supported music file format is MP3. 

Once you have transferred your music files into the watches' "Music" folder, disconnect the Amazfit Verge from the USB cable. Within the watch user interface you can now select the Music player widget on the watch screen to play audio directly on your watch.

If the watch still prompt “connect USB cable to copy songs” after I copy the music files to the watch successfully, please attempet the following steps:

1) Remove the USB cable and charger from your watch and then restart your watch.

2) If issue persists, please reconnect the computer and check if the music files are too small or large.

3) Check the Music folder in the watch. Make sure it is displayed as Music instead of music.

4) If it still doesn't work, unplug the USB cable and then reboot the watch to have a try.