Battery drains quickly

The watch battery can last about 5 days in normal use. As battery life is affected by use and other settings, actual results may vary. The screen display, vibration and heart rate detection are all very power-hungry.  If there are too much operations like notification reminder, GPS usage, music play, or continuous heart rate detection, and etc., the battery will drain more quickly.

Here are some tips on extending battery life:

1)Use Airplane mode to disable BT and Wi-Fi 

2)Use Off-screen mode

Just like on your phone, a very bright watch screen can consume much battery life. 

3)Turn off unnecessary Notifications or enable Silent mode.

Keeping unnecessary notifications open can drain your watch battery. Please turn off unnecessary notifications or enable Silent mode.

4)Turn off Continuous heart rate.

Continuous heart rate monitoring consumes a lot of battery. We recommend turning off continuous heart rate monitoring and measure your heart rate manually.

5)Disable Second hand function.

If your watch is draining fast, please make the following test:

1)Fully charge the watch to 100% 

2)Turn off Alarms in the watch

3)Turn on Airplane mode in the watch 

4)Disable Bluetooth on the phone

5)Put it on the table and make it untouched for 24 hours 

6)Check power consumption

If power consumption is equal or less than 10%, it means battery is functioning normally. If it is greater than 10%, please submit a feedback from your watch(watch➡Settings➡Feedback), submit a feedback (App➡Profile➡Feedback) from your Amazfit App, and send your Amazfit ID (App➡Profile➡ID) here. Our tech support will help locate the issue.  Please also tell us the time and date that you start the test, the time and date you end the test, and how much battery it has left after complete the test.