Notification issue on iOS phones

1. Check if you enabled the Silent mode on the watch. If you enabled silent mode, you can't receive any notifications at all.

2. Make sure your phone notification bar is functioning. Please note that alerts will only appear on watch if they pop up on phone.

3. Go to iPhone Settings➡ Notifications ➡ choose the certain app ➡ toggle on all the alerts. Please also make sure you enable Show in History in the notification settings. 

4. On the home screen of the Amazfit App ➡ tap Profile in the lower right hand corner ➡ tap My devices Amazfit Verge ➡ tap Notifications settings ➡ tap the toggle switch to enable Push notifications.

5.On the home screen of the Amazfit App ➡ tap Profile ➡ tap My devices Amazfit Verge➡ tap Notifications settings  ➡ go to App blocklist settings and toggle the switch to enable notifications for certain apps.

Note: IOS notification settings are basically same as those of Android, but there is a big difference after entering Application Notification Settings. When watch and phone are paired for the first time, the list of Allow Application notifications and Disallow Application notifications are all blank. The icon of the app will be displayed in the list only after your watch receives a notification from that app.

When the icon of that app appears in the list, you need to toggle the switch to enable notifications so that you can continue to receive the push notifications from that app. 

If the issue persists, please submit a feedback from the watch and Amazfit App.  Also send us the Amazfit ID to help us locate the issue.