Notification issue on Android phones

1. On the home screen of the Amazfit App ➡ tap Profile in the lower right hand corner ➡ tap My devices Amazfit Verge ➡ tap Notifications settings ➡ tap the toggle switch to enable Push notifications ➡ tap App notification settings and select certain apps in the list to enable or disable the specific notifications.

2. Make sure Don't push notifications when phone's screen is on is turned off.

3. Check if you enabled the Silent mode on the watch. If you enabled silent mode, you can't receive any notifications at all.

4. Make sure your phone notification bar is functioning. Please note that alerts will only appear on watch if they pop up on phone.

 5. Please go to your mobile phone Setting>search Notification>choose Notification access> enable Amazfit app  under Notification access.

Note: If you bind your Android mobile phone to your watch, please white-list the Amazfit App and give it permission for auto-start. Keep the app running in the background so that you can receive notifications. If the Amazfit App is shut down in the background, your watch will disconnect from the app and you will no longer receive notifications.