Auto Pause/Alerts setting during exercise

From the home screen of the watch, swipe left to access “Activity”➡ “Activity settings”. Tap “Activity settings” to set “Auto pause”, “Heart rate alert”, “Pace alert”, and “Distance alert”.

 Heart rate alert: You can set a value to make the watch alert you when    your    heart    rate    jumps    above    the    value    you    set.

Pace alert: You can set a target pace to make the watch alert you when your pace is below the target pace.

Distance alert: You can set the desired distance to alert you. (eg: The watch will vibrate when you reach every 2 mile/km)

Insufficient space alert: The watch will vibrate to remind you whether to continue the activity when there is insufficient space. If you click "Continue", the unsynchronized data will be covered. If you click "End", you will end this activity.

Space exhaust alert: If you run out of space during the activity, you will be also alerted by vibration. And the watch will automatically save this activity record for you.

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