How do I get stories from Zepp Aura?

1) When you asks Aura to hear a sleep story, you will be guided to choose the type of story. Aura will then tell you a dreamlike story to help you relax and drift off to sleep. Each story has been carefully screened and designed to make sure the length and plot of the story are suitable to help you fall asleep quickly.
2) When you asks Aura to hear a story, it offers three themes to choose from. Once you selects a topic of interest, Aura begins to tell a meditative story. Each meditation story includes unique plot design and sound effects, helping you relax and cultivate inner peace through plot elements such as guided meditation, body awareness, sensory awareness, deep relaxation, imagination and visualization, and inner growth and inspiration And improve self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety.
Note: This service provided by Readiness requires Zepp Aura membership.
Note: This service is available in select regions.

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