How do I measure my body composition?

1) Dry the back of the watch and the side of the buttons.
2) Click the body composition icon on the main menu screen.
3) Click "measure" to start measurement, enter your weight and click OK.
4) According to the instructions, place two fingers separately on the side buttons to start measuring body composition. During the measurement process, please keep your arms flat and stable with your chest, hands do not touch each other. At the same time, do not touch other parts of the watch with your fingers (except for the two buttons), to obtain accurate measurement results.
5) After the measurement, you can view 8 body composition values on the watch: body fat rate, muscle mass, BMI, body water rate, protein rate, bone mass, BMR, and skeletal muscle mass. You can also check your history data in the Zepp app.
Note: This feature is available in select regions.

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