Watch wear and heart rate light safety notes

Question 1: Is the watch green light and red light used for heart rate test harmful to the body?

Answer: The green and red LEDs for heart rate belong to visible spectrum, similar to the LEDs used in home or office lighting and LCD. And the power of green light and red light is very low in heart rate measurement, which is safe for skin.


Question 2: Can the light on the bracelet cause allergy?

Answer: Generally, will not cause allergy, light allergy is rare.

However, people with a history of sunlight allergy, light sensitivity and recent use of light sensitive drugs are at risk of allergy.


Question 3: How to deal with the irritating reaction during wearing?

Answer: if skin redness, swelling, itching or any other irritant reaction occurs, first remove the wearable device, stop wearing it, and consult your doctor. If you need to wear it again, please wait until the irritation is completely recovered. When wearing it again, avoid too tight the wrist buckle.


Question 4: How to wear it to reduce irritation?

Answer: when wearing, the wristband should not buckle too tightly, especially in the outdoor environment with strong sunshine and high temperature in summer. It must be noted that the wrist buckle is too tight, will squeeze the skin, causing local blood circulation is not smooth, hinder skin heat dissipation, easy to cause irritation.