Why won't my Amazfit Nexo connect/pair?

1. Check battery level: If you cannot connect, make sure your Amazfit Nexo is fully charged. Charge your device for 10 minutes and try connecting again. 

2. Force quit and reopen Amazfit app 

3. Turn off and on the Bluetooth on your phone 

4. Reboot your phone  

5. Keep away from other Bluetooth devices and try again.  

For Android : Erase Bluetooth cache and data 

Go to SettingApplication Management More Application AllBluetooth SharedClear Data 

For IOS 

Go to phone settings to find Bluetooth setting and then remove the Amazfit device. To do so, tap on the icon next to the Amazfit Nexo and tap Forget this device.  

If still failed, please use another phone to have a try.  

Note: If your device has paired to another mobile phone before, please keep this phone away from your device or turn off Bluetooth on that phone when you try to pair it with a new phone.