How do I view app notifications from my phone?

1) Open the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit Bip 3 Pro > App Notification Alerts, and set the apps for which you want to receive notification alerts on your watch.
2) Keep Bluetooth on the phone enabled and keep the phone connected to the watch. After receiving a notification, the watch vibrates to remind you. Activate the watch screen to see the notification details.
3) Swipe up on the watch face to go to Notifications and view all notifications.
Note: If you want to use this function on a mobile phone with an Android system, add the app to the allowlist or the auto-run list, and keep the app running in the background. If the app is terminated by the background process, the watch is disconnected from the app, and you cannot receive app notifications on your watch or control your phone with your watch.

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