How it works?

The metric takes your heart rate during all activities (even activities that don't involve steps) to generate a PAI score.

The objective is to maintain a score of 100 PAI throughout a rolling 7 days.

The score is based on each person’s physical data (age, gender, maximum heart rate, resting heart rate, and the body’s response to exercise.). So the activity everyone needs to achieve their goal of 100 is unique to them.

If the watch doesn't display the PAI score, please double-check if you have enabled the all-day heart rate detection function. If not, please enable it.

PAl is a personal physiological activity indicator, based on heart rate data, combined with daily activity intensity and a multi-dimensional dynamic comprehensive evaluation of personal physiological data, converted into an intuitive PAl value through an algorithm. It does not depend on a single item of data, while it allows you to have a comprehensive system to understand the physical condition.

Only a certain intensity of daily activities or workouts is required to acquire a PAl value.  And the watch mainly relies on intensive heart rate exercise to obtain the PAI value.  It seems that the duration of intensive HR is not long, which may result in no PAI value being generated.