Weather settings

Amazfit App➡Profile➡My devices/Amazfit Verge➡App settings➡Weather➡tap on Location, it will show your city automatically. You can also enter the name of your city to locate.

The weather on the watch is downloaded from the Xiaomi Weather Server via Amazfit App and then pushed through Bluetooth. The watch itself cannot get weather data via Wi-Fi.  The Weather widget lets you check weather information in recent days at any time. 

Weather data must be synchronized over the cellular network, so keep your watch connected with your mobile phone to update the weather in a timely manner.  Additionally, if a weather warning message is posted, the watch will also inform you immediately via the message.

Temperature unit:You can change it between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Daily weather reminder:When turn it on, you will receive a notification about the current weather on your watch around 7 am everyday ( the watch needs to connect with the Amazfit App).

Weather warning:When turn it on, you will receive a weather warning reminder for severe weather.