How to pair Amazfit Stratos with your phone?

1) Install Amazfit APP and create an account. 

2) Long press the middle key on the right side of the watch for 4 seconds and release to turn on your watch. It will display QR code on the screen of the watch. 

3) Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Open Amazfit APP and log in to your user account. It will show you an interface which let you select the device to be paired. Tap on either of the device will let you scan the QR code. With your mobile phone, scan the QR code displayed on the watch screen to pair. And you will receive a pairing code on your watch and phone ( No pairing code shown on the watch if pairing with iOS). Tap to confirm for Bluetooth connection. After confirmation, your watch will connect to your phone immediately. And you can choose left or right hand to wear your watch. Make sure you wear it on the hand you chosen to get more accurate data.

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