How can I sync to Strava/Google fit/Apple health?

You can download Amazfit app to pair and connect the  watch.  In Amazfit app, the watch data canbe synced to Strava.

1. Log in Amazfit App

2. Tap Add accounts in Profile page and choose Strava/Google fit/Apple health to add

Currently, all the outdoor running, walking and bike can sync to Strava, indoor activities, swimming, Non-GPS activities and previously completed activities are not included.

If you have an existing Strava account, use existing login credentials to continue with the integration. If you do not have a Strava account, follow the prompts to create a new Strava account.

If you failed to sync, we suggest you try it later because there is some times a delay in terms of the data being uploaded to our server and transferred to Strava's system. Although it should be instantaneous, some users could see their data immediately, two hours later or even 24 hours later.  And please also try syncing data again, like logging out and in of Amazfit watch app again and waiting for data to appear. 

If you are still experiencing the same issue, please send us a screenshot of all the activities that you can see on both the app and Strava.  And submit a feedback from your Amazfit watch app (APP--Profile--Feedback), and also send your Amazfit ID (APP--Profile--ID) here.  Our tech support will help locate the issue.