Keep disconnect from the Zepp App

Could you please explain under what circumstances your watch disconnects with your phone? Was your watch close to your phone when it disconnected? And which mobile phone do you use to pair the watch?

Please note that your watch may be disconnected with your phone if there are other Bluetooth interfaces or the distance between watch and phone is beyond the effective range (10m) of Bluetooth. When you open the app and it says it's disconnected, please turn off and on the Bluetooth on your phone, keep your watch close to your phone and try connecting again.

For Android mobile device, please enable auto-start and lock Zepp App in the "recent Apps"/ "App overview" plane.

Here is an example:

1) Open the Security Center/Software/System Settings on your phone.

2) Tap autostart, Swipe up till you find Zepp App  Toggle the switch to turn it on.

3) Tap Authorization Management, Tap Permission Management, swipe up till you find Amazfit app.

4) Lock the app in the "recent apps"/ "app overview" plane. Do so by first opening the apps, then press the "recent apps/overview button" . From there, find the Zepp App, pull down on it to "lock it", so it never gets cleared.

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