Useful technical terms for pool swimming

Lane length: The length of the lanes in your swimming pool. The watch will calculate your swimming data based on the lane length you set.
Therefore, every time you change a swimming pool, please set the lane length accordingly so that the watch can accurately assess your swimming data.
Lap: under the pool swimming mode, swim for a lap equal to the lane length you set.
Stroke: finish a complete paddling action while wearing your watch on your wrist.
Stroke rate: the number of strokes per minute.
DPS: An abbreviation of distance per stroke, refers to the moving distance after finishing a complete stroke.
SWOLF: SWOLF is an important indicator for a swimmer, which uses scores to make a comprehensive assessment of your swimming speed. SWOLF for pool swimming mode = duration of one lap (in seconds) + number of strokes in a single lap. SWOLF for open water swimming mode will be calculated using a lap distance of 100 meters. The smaller the score is, the higher the efficiency of your swimming.
Stroke recognition
The watch will recognize your swimming strokes under swimming mode and display the main swimming stroke you use.