How to use Zepp Coach?

Zepp Coach will customize a training plan based on your workout records and habits to help you make workout a habit. This plan improves your exercise capacity and cardiopulmonary function while preventing sports injuries.
1) Start a plan:
Open the Zepp app, go to the home page to find the Zepp Coach card, tap Customize Plan, fill in your workout condition in the past 1 to 2 months as guided, and select rest days and start date to start the plan.
2) View and implement a plan:
After you set a training plan in the Zepp app, daily workout recommendations will be synced to your device. You can view the plan in the Zepp Coach app on your watch. Or, you can go to the home page to find the Zepp Coach card and view the plan on the details page.
After you start the plan, please use the device while you are working out. You can quick-start a common workout at Device > Zepp Coach or select a workout at Device > Workouts to select and start a workout. In both cases, the results will be included in the workout statistics of the day. After the workout, please promptly sync the workout records to the Zepp app.
3) Modify and terminate a plan:
You can perform a scientifically sound assessment of your workout level on the home page of the Zepp app. On the details page, tap the Settings button in the upper right corner to modify or terminate your plan.
More frequently asked questions can be found in the Q&A section in Zepp Coach.

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