How do I view the workout analysis?

Workout analysis data includes training load, training effect, total recovery time, and V̇O₂ Max.
At the end of a workout, when you are saving its information, you can view the training effect, training load, and V̇O₂ Max of the workout. You can also go to the Workout Status app or the corresponding shortcut card to view the training load, total recovery time, and V̇O₂ Max at any time.
1: As workout analysis is based on heart rate data, workouts without heart rate data cannot be analyzed.
2: V̇O₂ Max is available only for outdoor running workout. To get V̇O₂ Max values, it is recommended to enter accurate personal information in the app and run outdoors for at least 10 minutes while wearing the watch, and ensure that your heart rate reaches 75% of your maximum heart rate.

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