How do I use the Amazfit app to bind and connect with the Amazfit PowerBuds?

When binding the Amazfit PowerBuds for the first time, please open the Amazfit app and select the earphones in "Add device" and then follow the guide to complete the binding process.
When you need to connect with the earphones, please take out the two earphones from the charging case first, and then open the app to complete the connecting process.
If the connection fails, please check the following:
1) Whether the earphones have enough power and can be turned on normally;
2) Whether the earphones are being connected with another mobile phone;
3) Whether the earphones are in the Bluetooth device list on your mobile phone and the pairing process is complete;
4) Whether the Bluetooth on your mobile phone is turned on, and make sure the phone is close to the earphones.

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