How do I set up a portrait watch face?

A portrait watch face is a custom watch face that focuses on displaying the portrait. It can automatically identify the portrait elements in the added photos and display them by integrating the watch face elements. You can add up to 3 photos for one watch face. Tap the watch face or raise your wrist to switch the photo on the watch face. Open the Zepp app, select the device, and tap Watch Faces > Portrait. Tap to add the portrait photo (up to 3 photos), and the position of the time can be adjusted separately for each photo. Select the time style and the features displayed at the top and bottom of the watch face. Tap "Sync" to sync the watch face to the device. After synchronization, tap the watch face on the device or raise your wrist to switch the photo on the watch face. Go to Watch Faces > Mine > Purchase, and go to the portrait watch face to edit it again. Tap "Sync" to sync the watch face after each edit. Precautions: The photos you use when creating the watch faces are stored in the app and your device. Please protect your personal data. Removing the watch face will clear the local cache. It is recommended to use portrait photos with the size of 1200*840 and above, and a photo of one person with simple background is recommended for better results. For iOS 12 and above, it is recommended to use photos in portrait mode for better results.

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