My Heart Rate readings seems inaccurate. What should I do?

Inaccurate heart rate readings appears to be due to the fit of the device band itself. A loosely fitting band that moves around at all, or that has notable gaps between the device and the skin, can easily cause an inaccurate reading. For the most accurate heart rate readings, you will want to be sure you’re wearing the device on the top of your wrist and it's fairly snug against your skin.


As the heart rate sensor is basically a pulse oximeter which monitors the perfusion of blood to the dermis, it’s prone to inaccuracies. That’s because skin perfusion — a measure of how much blood flows through your skin-varies significantly from person to another.  Especially the ones who have dark skin, hairy wrists, tattoo, and scar.


If you’re seeing a reading that doesn’t look quite right, please check the following:

1) Take a second measure if you thought the reading isn't right.

2) Keep it close to your skin and do not swing the arm

3) Clean the heart rate sensor


If you still have the same issue with the latest ROM version, please open Amazfit App, tap Profile, swipe up till you find Behavior tagging, tap Behavior tagging and Running. Keep the device near to your phone and make sure there are no objects between them. Then, tap start and submit data with the following steps after you finish the workout.

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