How do I use the Music Control feature?

To better use the watch to control music playback on your phone, please make sure that:
1) The watch stays connected to the phone and the Zepp app is running in the background. Set as required at Profile > Amazfit Balance > Background Running Permissions in the Zepp app to avoid process cleanup or interception performed by one-tap memory cleaners or some management software in Android system.
2) The notification reading permission is granted. In the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit Balance > Notifications & Reminders to enable the notification reading permission so that the watch can obtain song information.
3) Start the music player on your phone. Then, the watch automatically obtains information about the currently played song and the status.
4) On the music control screen of the watch, you can perform operations such as pause, play, previous, next, and volume up/down.

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