The step count of my watch is inaccurate. What should I do?

Our products gather your step/calorie data via an algorithm our team made that determines how far one's arm would swing while walking at a normal pace. This algorithm is based off of the height, weight and gender of user.  

This means that if your arms are stationary wile you work out (i.e. your hands are on your bikes handlebars or in you pocket while walking) it will not register your steps taken/calories burned, but might register them when you arms move while driving or waving to someone. 

Like playing basketball or badminton? With the latest algorithm update, our watch has stricter requirements for step counting. And the watch will filter out those unreal walking, like playing tennis, badminton or basketball. 

If the issue still persists, please attempt the following steps when you do an activity next time. Our tech support will check the log and help locate the issue. 

1. Press the button, go SettingsSystem & Security  

2. Swipe up until you find Huami Lab and Feedback 

3. Tap Huami Lab and you will see Sensor capturing 

4. Click to turn on Sensor capturing 

5. Choose Walking to start your activity (please make sure you will not start the walking before the GPS is available) 

6. Please walk for about 1 kilometer and after you finish the walking, please turn off Sensor capturing 

7. Tap Feedback to generate reports 

8. Tap Profile/Me at the bottom right of Amazfit Watch App and send us the Amazfit ID which is right below the user icon. 

9. Submit a feedback (Amazfit Watch AppProfile/MeFeedback) 

10. Please let us know how many steps your watch counts and send us a screenshot of the Routes and Graph from that activity.