Alerts in Sports Setting

After turning on lap alert, each time you complete a lap (every kilometer or mile) , the watch will vibrate and display the time for that lap during running.

To set lap alert: Unlock the watch > Running> Settings>Activity reminders> Lap alert > On.

Heart Rate Alert

After selecting the maximum heart rate value in HR alert, the watch will vibrate and display a message to notify you when your heart rate exceeds the set limit during running. If it alerts, you need to slow down or stop running. To set heart rate alert: Unlock the watch > Running > Setting>Activity reminders> Heart rate alert > select your maximum heart rate

Heart Rate Zone Alert

If you have a target heart rate zone during running, you can select heart rate zone or customize your own heart rate zone in Running > Setting >Activity reminders> Heart rate zone to vibrate and notify you when you reach the zone you set.