An alarm can be set to vibrate once or to repeat regularly. If you don’t need the alarm you set up, you can remove it from the alarm list. Alarms remind you through vibration, you can choose to turn off or remind later (snooze). It will vibrate for five minutes and turn off automatically if you don’t intervene.

You can set up alarms on the watch.  Swipe left from watch face to access Alarm widget and tap on the green + icon to add a new alarm.

When you add an alarm in the alarm list and set up. It will vibrate and you have two options: Snooze and Turn off.  When you tap Snooze, it will vibrate 10 minutes later.  When you tap Turn off, it will stop vibrating.  The watch will only vibrate for 5 minutes if you don’t tap either of them.

Note: It can’t recognize holidays and will still vibrate during holidays.