What are the parameters of the display and touch screen of the Amazfit GTR?

Display: AMAZFIT GTR 47 mm adopts a round 1.39 inch AMOLED screen, and the resolution is 454x454, 326 ppi.

AMAZFIT GTR 42 mm adopts a round 1.2 inch AMOLED screen, and the resolution is 390x390, 326 ppi.

Touch screen: The touch screen uses Corning Gorilla the third generation glass, which can effectively prevent the watch from being scratched in daily use. However, please note that the watch face glass may be damaged by hard objects such as grains of sand (comprising quartz) or keys. The AF Coating on the surface of the glass may effectively eliminate the contaminations from the fingers on the watch face, which ensures a smooth and clean look for the screens of the watches.

AF Coating: It is short for Anti Finger Coating, and it consists of oleophobic film, hydrophobic film and anti-contamination coating, which eliminate contaminations from the fingers away from the screens of the watches, so as to keep them smooth and clean.