Cannot update firmware

We suggest you charge your watch, reboot it, unpair the watch from Amazfit app and re-pair it to have a try. After that, please update the firmware.

Please check the following steps to update your firmware:

*Please connect the watch to the Amazfit app.

*From the watch home screen, swipe down to access Additional settings.

*Tap  Additional settings to open.

*Swipe UP until you find Updates.

*Tap Updates to check for updates

Please note: The update may take 5 minutes or longer due to the GPS firmware upgrade.

Please make sure your watch is fully charged and is connected to a WiFi network of 2.4 Ghz before updating.

If you still have the same issue, please submit a feedback from your watch(Swipe down from the watch screen-- Additional settings--Feedback) and your Amazfit app (APP--Profile--Feedback), and also send your Amazfit ID (APP--Profile--ID) here. Our tech support will help locate the issue.

And please refer the links below on how to submit the feedback: