Battery drains quickly

Amazfit Pace can stay up to 11.5 days basic use/ 4 days regular use/ 35 hours GPS running mode. 

4 days battery life is tested with the following use: Bluetooth connection, a 30 -minute workout each day, and receive 200 notifications.   If GPS is enabled, it can stay up to 35 hours.

Here are some tips on extending battery life:

- Use Airplane mode to disable BT and WiFi 

- Use Auto Backlight mode

- Turn OFF continuous heart rate

- Turn off notifications you don't need

If you thought your watch is draining fast, you can follow the below steps to make a battery test:

1) Fully charge the watch to 100% 

2) Turn off Alarms in the watch

3) Turn on Airplane Mode in the watch 

4) Disable Bluetooth on the phone

5) Make it untouched for 24 hours 

6) Check power consumption

Please tell us the exact time and date you started the test , what time the battery started consuming, and how much battery consumed during 24 hours. 

If power consumption is equal or less than 15% , it means battery is functioning normally. If it is greater than 15%, please submit a feedback from your watch(Swipe down from the watch screen-- Additional Settings--Feedback) and your Amazfit app (APP--Profile--Feedback), and also send your Amazfit ID (APP--Profile--Feedback--User ID) here.