Cannot sync data

Please update the app to the latest version and then attempt the following instructions step by step:

1. iOS: Go to phone settings to find Bluetooth setting and then remove all the devices. To do so, tap on the i icon and tap Forget all the devices.

Android: Go to phone settings to find Bluetooth setting and then clear Bluetooth cache

2. Toggle Bluetooth OFF and ON. 

3. Reboot the watch and phone.  

4. Log out and then re-open app and try connecting again. 

Regarding the part syncing issue, please reboot your watch and phone to have a try.  If your issue persists, please attempt the following steps:

* Swipe down from the watch home screen and tap the fourth icon Additional settings to open.

* Swipe UP until you find Sync

* Tap Sync to upload the watch data

* Submit a feedback from your watch(Swipe down from the watch screen-- Additional settings--Feedback) and Amazfit app (APP--Profile--Feedback)

* Send here your Amazfit ID (APP--Profile--Feedback--User ID)

* Uninstall/Re-install the Amazfit app

* Reboot your phone and your watch

* Clear Bluetooth cache and data

* Turn off and on the Bluetooth on your phone

* Log out of the app and re-log in to connect/sync the data