Cannot connect to computer

May I ask why do you want to connect to computer? To upload files? You can also use 'file manager' in Amazfit APP (Android) to upload music and gpx files.

And please use a rubber eraser to burnish the watch contacts to have a try. If it still doesn't work, please check the following to troubleshoot your issue:

1)Open System Information and disconnect the watch from your computer. Wait a few minutes, and click File > Refresh Information. Reconnect the watch. You should see a device disappear from System Information when you remove the watch, and it should appear again when you reconnect it.

2)Try a different USB cable

If a new cable must be purchased, ensure that the cable is a USB data cable and not a USB charging cable as these will only charge the device. 

3) Ensure that the contact points are clean and free of corrosion and debris

4) Ensure that the USB port is working properly

Try a different USB port and/or test the USB port with a different USB device

Avoid connecting through a USB hub, USB extension cable, keyboard, or monitor

On desktop computers, use the USB ports on the back of the computer

5) Try disconnecting all other USB devices from the computer other than the keyboard and mouse

6) Ensure that the battery on the watch is fully charged

7) Restart the computer and reconnect the device

8) Connect the watch to another computer.

If the issue still exists, please reinstall a MTP driver and change the setup for the unknown device to have a try. And also please install a third-party mobile assistant in your computer to assist with driver installation.