Why is my Amazfit Cor battery draining very fast?

One of the most common battery drains on Amazfit Cor is the screen brightness. 

 Powering the vibration motor also takes a lot of battery. Amazfit Cor can stay up to about 12 days. 

It is tested with the following use:

One hour workout each week, receive 100 notifications each day, and enable “activate on wrist raise” feature 50 times.

Actual battery life may vary owing to differences in individual usage. 

If your band battery is draining fast, please make the following test:

Fully charge the Cor to 100%, remove it from charger, turn off Bluetooth on your phone , turn off Alarms on your band, put it on the table and make it untouched for 24 hours. If power consumption is equal or less than 3% in 24 hours, it means battery is working normally. 

If it is greater than 3%, please write and submit a feedback ( APP >> Profile >>Feedback) through Amazfit APP and send us your user ID (APP >> Profile >> User ID) to help us troubleshoot your issue.