What should I do if Amazfit APP shows “disconnect”?

1) Check battery level: If it’s lower than 5%, they won’t connect. Place your device on the charger base for 20 minutes, remove from the charger base and try connecting again. 

2) Android : Erase Bluetooth cache and data ( Go to Phone Setting ➡ Application Management ➡ More Application ➡ All ➡ Bluetooth Shared ➡ Clear Data), reboot watch, reboot phone and re-open APP to have a try.

IOS: Go to iPhone settings to find Bluetooth setting and then remove the Amazfit device. To do so, tap on the icon next to the Amazfit and tap Forget this device. Toggle Bluetooth OFF and ON. Re-open App and try

If the above steps doesn’t work, please reset your watch to factory settings or unpair watch and re-connect. If the issue persists, please run a diagnostic test (go to Watch--More Settings--About--Legal Statement--Lab--Signal Strength).