How do I set an alarm clock?

You can set it in the Amazfit app as follows:

Open Amazfit app ➡ Profile ➡ Amazfit GTR ➡ Alarm ➡ Add ➡ Alarm Settings

Creating and managing alarms on the watch

Tapping the Create button on the watch alarm function page can enable you to set the alarm time and cycle. After saved, the alarm can be opened and closed in the alarm list.

To create alarms through the Amazfit app, go to "Profile – Amazfit GTR – Alarm" and add alarms as prompted on the page.

Alarm alert

In the case of a watch alarm alert, you can choose to close it or remind you later.

To close the alarm, long press any button for 2 seconds within the duration of the alarm alert.

To make a delayed alert, you can, within the duration of the alarm alert, tap the "Z" button at the bottom. Then, the alarm will remind you 10min later.