How can I use the running function?

Slide up on the watch's main interface to find exercises, tap to open it (let's take outdoor running for example), and opening outdoor running will turn on the GPS positioning function (while positioning it will prompt you that there would be better signals on open sites, GPS will keep on automatically positioning in the subsequent running process, but the previous tracks that have not been successfully positioned won't be recorded, which will affect the mileage, pace, tracks, etc.)

After the GPS positioning is processed successfully, tap on Start and the count-down will start, and a prompt of "Wearing the watch tight helps make the heart-rate measurement more accurate" will show on the watch, then you'll be guided to the running data interface.

During exercises, the watch will display the current exercise data in real time, such as time, distance, pace/speed, and heart rate. After the watch screen goes off, the screen can be lit up again by lifting the wrist or touching the screen.

Sliding right during exercises can enable you to view the time, date, and watch power.

If you want to exit during the running process, you'll be prompted to long-press the top button on the watch to pause, and then you can choose to pause or to exit.

After you choose to exit, if the mileage recorded by the watch is less than 50 meters, then you'll be prompted a screen indicating "The distance is too short to be recorded. Are you sure you want to exit?" If the mileage is over the minimum distance requirement, then you'll be able to see a collection of data regarding the tracks of the outdoor running, etc. when you exit it.

Remarks: Moreover, if you've set the setting to long-press the button to quickly enter the running mode, then you may directly enter the running mode by long pressing the button.

How to set: Watch ➡ Settings ➡ Long Press Button ➡ Quick start-up➡choose Workout