Why does my watch (GTR) run out of battery power fast?

The most power-consuming functions of the Amazfit GTR watches include motor vibration, GPS positioning and the light of the screen. If you often run for exercise, receive pushed messages frequently, use instant scalping watch face, or set a much too long screen-on duration, then it's normal that your watch runs out of battery power fast. If you don't use these functions often, fully charge your watch, turn on Do Not Disturb mode, set the brightness of the watch to the lowest level, turn off the Bluetooth, set your watch to the default watch face, and then observe the power consumption after placing it still for 24 hours. If the power consumption is over 2% (Amazfit GTR 47 mm), 5% (Amazfit GTR 42 mm), please submit your feedback to help us analyze and locate the issue.