How to change the watch face

When the watch-face interface is pressed and held, the watch-face selection interface will appear, displaying the installed watch faces.  

Please connect your watch with Amazfit watch app before you change watch faces.

Here are the steps to change default watch face:

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone

2. Connect your watch with Amazfit app

3. On the home screen of the Amazfit app, select Watch face store.

4. Tap on your selection and the watch face will update.

To change to a Custom watch face:

1) On the Amazfit app, select Watch face store.

2) Scroll down until you reach Custom watch face background.

3) Tap + and then choose Take a photo or Select from Gallery.

4) Confirm by tapping Use Photo or Choose, then wait for it to sync.

5) Press the start button to turn on your watch

6) Press/hold down on your watch face until the background image reduces in size.

7) Select Settings on the watch face.

8) Swipe up until you see option to Choose Uploaded Image. 

9) Select the picture and click OK and Save. The image you uploaded will appear on your watch face.

You can also download the custom watchfaces and copy them to your watch:

1 )Connect the Amazfit watch to the PC

2) Find WatchFace folder on the internal storage and if it doesn't exist, create one by yourself. Be careful with the writing (capitalize)

3) Copy the file with extension .wfz to the WatchFace folder