What should I do if I can't search and bind my mobile phone with Amazfit Band 2?

A. The band can't be searched and bound when the battery dies. Therefore, you may check whether the band has any power left (tap the button at the lower front of the band to view the remaining battery capacity). If not, you may charge it before you retry the search and binding. B. Switch off and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth. C. Restart the phone. D. If there are many Bluetooth devices around, try to search and bind again in places with less Bluetooth devices. For Android mobile phones (take MI mobile phones as an example): Clear the Bluetooth cache on the phone (Settings ➡ Application Management ➡ More Applications ➡ Bluetooth ➡ Clear Data). For iPhones: Find the Bluetooth on the phone, and click "i" after "Amazfit Band 2 (xxxx)" in the Bluetooth list to ignore this device. You may try the foregoing solutions one by one. If the problem has been solved, you may stop trying the latter ones. If none of the foregoing solutions solves your problem, you are suggested to change a mobile phone and try again. If the new mobile phone makes no difference, you may send the band to our after-sales service center for a test. If the search and binding are available after changing the phone, please upload the log on the original phone and provide your Amazfit ID to help us locate the problem. Notes: If the previously bound mobile phone is within the Bluetooth range of the band, the mobile phone will preferentially establish a connection with the previously bound band. In such case, you may turn off the Bluetooth of the previously bound mobile phone.