Why can’t my Bip Lite receive app notifications?

A. Enable the app alerts in the app.

Open Amazfit App and tap on “Profile” in the lower right-hand corner. 

Tap on My devices-- Amazfit Bip Lite 

Tap on App alerts to allow Amazfit access notifications

Turn on App Alerts

Tap on “Manage apps” in the lower middle of the screen and select app to alert.

B. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your mobile phone.

C. Check if you enable DND mode (Silent mode) on the watch. Please disable if enabled.

D. Make sure your phone notification bar is functioning.

E. For Android mobile device, please enable auto-start and lock Amazfit App in the "recent Apps"/ "App overview" plane.

F. Go to your phone settings, find app notifications, toggle off and on, reboot your phone, restart Amazfit app and try again.