Which settings can I make in the Exercise Settings?

Swipe left to find "Workout" on the main interface of the watch to find "Workout Settings", and taping on it will enable you to set exercise goals, exercise reminders, and real-time heart rate, etc.

The exercise goal supports three types: mileage, duration, and calories. When the set goal is achieved, the watch will vibrate to remind you.

The workout reminder supports five types: distance, pace, safe heart rate, heart rate zone, and speed. With a reminder set, the watch will vibrate to remind you as long as the set value is reached during workouts.

With the auto pause on, the watch will automatically detect the workout status. When the workout is stopped, the watch will automatically suspend the current exercise. And the watch will re-record the data when the workout is resumed.

The real-time diagram supports demonstrating the real-time heart rate and pace. With the real-time diagram on, a curve is drawn for the fluctuations of the heart rate or pace during workouts.


Notes: Some workout types don't support the above four settings. The settings might slightly vary in workout type.