About GPS Positioning

When you enter the Workout Preparation page for an outdoor exercise such as running, the watch will automatically start GPS positioning and alert you as soon as your location is confirmed. The watch will turn off GPS positioning automatically when you exit the Workout Preparation page or finish the workout. 

The GPS searching process will last for 5 minutes maximum. If positioning is not successful after that, you will be prompted to repeat the positioning process. If you do not start exercising within 10 minutes after you are successfully positioned, the watch will automatically turn off positioning to reduce power consumption. You will have to repeat the positioning process if you want to start exercising again. 

1) Positioning tips: 

GPS positioning should be performed in an open area outdoors. Please wait for the positioning process to complete before starting your exercise. If you are in a crowd, raising your watch to your chest level may speed up the positioning process. 

2) Assisted Global Positioning System (AGPS): 

AGPS uses the orbital information of the GPS satellites help the watch perform GPS positioning faster. 

When the watch is connected with your phone via Bluetooth, the watch will actively synchronize and update AGPS data with Amazfit app every day. If the watch hasn’t synchronized this data with Amazfit app for seven consecutive days, the AGPS data will expire, and the positioning speed may be affected.