How can I use the running function?

1) Workout preparation 

After entering the Outdoor Running preparation page, the watch will automatically search for the GPS. Once it’s available, tap "GO" or short press the SELECT button to enter the outdoor running mode and start timing. You can also swipe up on the screen or short press the DOWN button to switch between starting and settings. Opening outdoor running will turn on the GPS positioning function (while positioning it will prompt you that there would be better signals in open areas, and there will be a Skip button at the bottom, and if you choose to skip, GPS will keep on automatically positioning in subsequent running workouts, but previous tracks that have not been successfully positioned won't be recorded, which will affect your mileage, pace, tracks, etc.)

After the GPS positioning is processed successfully, tap on Start to begin a count-down, and a prompt of "Wearing the watch tight helps make the heart-rate measurement more accurate" will be shown on the watch, then you'll be taken to the running data interface.

2) Workout in progress

During workouts, the watch will display the current workout related data in real time, such as duration, distance, pace/speed, and heart rate.

The watch screen will not be turned off after entering the Workout interface, but it will be automatically locked during the workout process.


3) Pause the workout 

Short press the SELECT button to pause the workout, and short press the button again to resume the workout. 

4) End the workout 

After entering the Paused page, tap "Save" to end the workout, tap "Continue" to return to the Workout page, and tap "Give up to give up saving the current workout. Once the workout is finished, your watch will display and save the details of this workout, and you can view them again on your watch or in the Amazfit app later. 

Path in watch: Watch - Workout record 

Path in Amazfit app: Amazfit app - Workout - See more workout